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Consolidate your repayments into one neat debt consolidation loan

How does a debt consolidation loan work?

You have three debts, a payday loan, car loan and credit card, each with different repayment amounts:

Payday loan

These debts are likely to each have different interest rates.


It is also likely that you are making these repayments at different times each month.


Debt Consolidation combines these loans into one, saving you money, time, stress & confusion.

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combined loans

Your debts will be combined & paid off to ease the stress

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Benefit from a new repayment plan that works for you

The Debt Consolidation loan process can simplify your life

easy payment plan with debt consolidation loans

1 x repayment

Saves you time and eradicates any confusion. You can budget more effectively and stay in control.

interest rate

1 x interest-rate

Saves you money by setting a new, generally lower, rate than you were paying in total before.

Debt Negotiation

1 x creditor

Save anxiety by stopping calls from multiple creditors wanting money. You can answer your phone again!