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When faced with financial difficulties it's easy to think there is no way out, but we've put together a range of articles all designed to help you understand debt consolidation loans and debt management. We'd love to hear from you in the form of comments if these articles have helped you.
Can I consolidate bad credit?
Bad Credit

Can I Consolidate Bad Credit?

Are you wondering “can I consolidate bad credit?” Consolidating debt comes with heaps of perks. Find out if you can still consolidate debt with bad credit…

How to avoid credit card debt||avoiding credit card debt
Avoiding Debt

Our ultimate guide to avoid credit card debt

Millions of people today have their own credit cards, with many companies now offering a range of credit cards with different features and benefits. However, many people don’t know the danger that comes with the unwise use of credit cards.

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Bad Credit

Why do people stay in debt?

Nobody wants to stay in debt right? The stress, financial pressure, and burden of having to keep moving all your income towards your debt can

debt consolidation pros and cons||debt relief
Bad Credit

Debt Consolidation Pros and Cons

Debt consolidation is a debt strategy to manage financial strain. But, is it good or bad? It could be a loan from banks, balance transfer