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Manage finances more easily with only one repayment

Combine your multiple payments, such as credit cards and high-interest personal loans into one easy to manage payment. Life is full of unexpected surprises and it can be easy to lose financial control. Fortunately, there are opportunities to help you to manage finances.

Manage a budget and simplify life with Debt Consolidation Australia today!

Merge your debts into one monthly payment

Roll your debts into one loan

The process of consolidating your debts means that you will take all your existing obligations, and roll them into just one neat and tidy loan. This can help you manage a budget because instead of having to keep track of so many debt variables, you’re left with only one.

It makes sense that focusing on just one loan repayment each month is much less complicated, compared to handling payments for personal loans, mortgages, credit cards, school fees, business debts, and so on, each month.

Debt consolidation is a great way to manage finances. Stop worrying about having multiple different debts owed to different creditors. Debt consolidation ties all of your debts into one loan amount with one repayment term and one interest rate.

Wave goodbye to your creditors

Dealing with multiple creditors at once can be very stressful. From the endless calls to remembering to make different payments to different people on different days. Juggling creditors can become overwhelming and confusing.

Since debt consolidation loans combine all of your debts into one, they do the same thing to your creditors. Rather than dealing with multiple creditors, you will only deal with one if you choose to consolidate debt. Manage finances more easily with one repayment to one creditor and reduce confusion and stress.

say goodbye to creditors
get back on track to prevent defaults

Repayment plans on your terms

It is likely that you are currently paying different amounts on different dates for different lengths of time. But with a debt consolidation loan, the power is in your hands.

You can tailor the new terms to suit you. So if you like to make monthly repayments as a pose to weekly or fortnightly, then you can. If you want to pay the loan off over a shorter number of years then you can.

The whole point in a debt consolidation loan is to help you to manage finances more easily, and save money whilst doing so! Setting up a repayment plan that works for you means that you can stay on top of your finances more easily, reducing your chance of missing scheduled payments and therefore improving your credit score.

Get lower interest rates

Consolidating your debt means you are left with one, easy to manage loan. That’s not the only advantage though. It’s very possible that you will also end up with a lower monthly rate and smaller fees.

This is because all of your current debts aren’t related, so they each have different repayment terms and interest rates. By gathering each of these loans into one debt, you will now have just one repayment plan with one interest rate and one fee.

This interest rate is usually lower than you were previously paying and the new loan is also on your terms. This means that you can choose the repayment length and frequency. Having a lower repayment amount means it is much easier to manage finances, rather than feeling like you’re drowning in debt.

Debt Negotiation to control your finances

Manage Finances Regardless Of Your Situation

Debt Consolidation can help you stay in control

Don't manage your personal debt alone

Most people today understand that it’s important to stay in control of your finances. As the saying goes, if you don’t control your finances, then your finances will control you. And that really isn’t something that anyone should want to experience.

Perhaps you are fresh out of university and are finding that school fees are a major drain on your monthly income. Maybe you had to purchase a laptop to help with your studies which left you short on cash. Perhaps you've recently had to cover unexpected car repairs. ln order to be able to afford these expenses you might have turned to credit cards or personal loans. Over time, these owed amounts may go much higher than ever expected.

The fact is, that whatever the reason for your mounting debt, there is a way to manage finances and take back control. Our services exist precisely for this reason. It’s not hard to understand how debt levels can reach the point where people become overwhelmed.

stay in control of your finances

Families may have other obligations

You may have taken out a mortgage in order to be able to afford a home. Perhaps there are business debts in play because you entrepreneurs. Or maybe you have to worry about your kids school fees. The truth is that debt can very easily pile up. If your income ends up taking a turn for the worse, then this debt may very quickly become overwhelming and it can be difficult to manage finances.

There are thousands of Australians living in debt who are looking for a way out. Take advantage of our consolidation services and manage finances with confidence. You could end up with lower rates and lower monthly payments, which will increase your available income. Your life is less stressful because you only have to communicate with one creditor about one obligation. There’s no need to memorize or juggle in your mind a bunch of different rates, amounts and creditors.

The possibilities are endless

The possibilities are endless

Debt consolidation may also lead to more opportunities. Your credit rating may improve as you clear your previous debts, and even more so when you pay off your debt consolidation loan. This can then open you up to other financial and borrowing opportunities, except this time, you’re the one in control.

You can also develop better financial habits. Learn how to understand your true financial position, without any exaggeration or wishful thinking. Create a proper monthly budget so that you can effectively allocate your income to what is important to you. Develop money-saving tips and tricks that will help you stick to your budget even when times are tough. Manage finances with the help of Debt Consolidation Australia.

Manage a budget with our free online budget planner

Manage finances easily with our handy online budget calculator. Easily calculate how much you’re actually spending and budget accordingly.

This simple tool can help you to assess your finances and create an actionable budget. Manage your payments and keep track of your expenses in just a few clicks!