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Debt Consolidation Australia has finance solutions to provide effective debt help. Our team of finance experts have over 30 years of experience, helping over 20,000 Aussies to improve their financial situation. As the name suggests, we specialise in Debt Consolidation Loans, however, we also provide debt relief and debt negotiation services. So how can you receive debt help?

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Debt Consolidation Australia works alongside our clients every step of the way. We are here to make you feel safe and protected while we find financial solutions for you.

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Debt consolidation

The process of combining all of your existing debts into one new debt on your terms.

Debt relief

The goal of debt relief is to help you to feel more in control with budgeting and debt management support.

Debt Negotiation

Debt negotiation

Debt can be negotiated down into a smaller package by settling on a new agreement with your creditors.

Debt consolidation

Do you have multiple debts with different interest rates, repayment terms and repayment amounts, each owed to different creditors? We understand this can be stressful, expensive and confusing and this is why we offer Debt Consolidation. Put simply, Debt Consolidation involves tying all of your current debts up into one neat and tidy package. Not only does this simplify life, but it can also save you thousands of dollars per year, providing effective debt help. Here are some of the benefits of Consolidating Debt:

save money with debt consolidation

Save money

By consolidating your debts into one loan, you can avoid paying multiple fees. As well as this, you will only have 1 interest-rate, rather than multiple different ones like before. This is usually a lower rate overall, depending upon the repayment terms which you set. If you are looking for debt help, then what better way to manage debt than by saving money

Simplified repayments

With just 1 loan to worry about, no longer will you have to make different payments at different times each month. Nor will you have to deal with multiple creditors. You can sleep easy with 1 loan to repay, on your terms. You have the choice of weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments and you decide how long you would like the repayment length to be. Perhaps you would prefer to make higher repayments and pay the loan off faster, or maybe you’d rather make smaller repayments and take longer to pay off the loan. Whatever works for you, Debt Consolidation is a great form of debt help.

Stop creditors

Having to deal with multiple creditors can be stressful to say the least. Remembering to pay the right creditor on the right day and getting bombarded with calls can become overwhelming. Debt consolidation takes away all of these creditors, so you only have to deal with 1 loan repayment to 1 creditor.

Debt Consolidation Loans give you effective help with debt, providing you with the opportunity to take financial control. Keep on top of payments more easily, enjoy transparency and take advantage of the greater flexibility with consolidation loans.

Debt relief

If you are in serious need of debt help then debt relief could be the way to go. Put simply, debt relief is the full re-adjustment or partial reduction of a person’s debt. This involves assessing your current debt situation alongside your current income and assets. As well as helping you to budget and manage your money better, we can go one further and negotiate with your creditors to arrange new terms to favour all parties.

stay in control of your finances

Take control

Our debt relief services involve debt management and budget support. It is easy to lose control once debt starts piling up, but Debt Consolidation Australia is here to help to change this.

decrease the mortgage payments each month

Lower your repayments

We may be able to negotiate a lower repayment plan with your creditors. If you are unable to keep up with your current loans then creditors may be willing to reduce your plan so they can start receiving money from you again.

Receive a call from an expert within 24 hours

Feel supported

It’s normal to feel cornered and alone when struggling with debt. However, with our debt relief service, you no longer need to. We are here to help and support you the whole step of the way!

Debt relief provides you with some security and support when you need it most. Get debt help and look forwards with confidence.

Debt negotiation

With the aim to find a mutually agreeable amount to settle on to clear your debts, debt negotiation can seriously change your life. If you are failing to make loan repayments, then we can act on your behalf to negotiate new terms with your creditors. While creditors can be reluctant to accept a reduced payment arrangement, we can step in and offer to pay off your debt in full, making them more willing to co-operate. Not only does this get your creditors off your back, but it also means you can move forwards with a lower repayment plan on your terms. Debt negotiation is a great way to get help with debt:

stay in control of your finances

Reduce debt

By re-negotiating your debt, your current repayments could be dramatically reduced. This form of debt help can enable you to get on top of your debt once again and still have money spare.

decrease the mortgage payments each month

New terms

With a re-negotiated debt comes new repayment terms. This can be tailored to you, meaning greater flexibility than before. With a new repayment length and frequency to suit you.

Receive a call from an expert within 24 hours

One creditor

After taking your creditors out of the picture, you will only have one creditor to communicate with and make repayments to. This makes life far easier with less stress and confusion.

Debt negotiation can be a lifechanging form of debt help. If you qualify then you could save thousands of dollars each year. Find out if debt negotiation is a possibility for you here.

Debt help and your credit rating

Our debt help services can not only reduce your debt and provide you with support but also improve your credit score. If you are currently struggling to keep up with loan repayments then it is likely that you will miss repayments or apply for more loans to help to cover your existing expenses. This can lead to defaults, credit enquiries and even court judgments! As a result, your debt can spiral even further out of control, and therefore it is very important to avoid arrears.

Debt consolidation, debt relief and debt negotiation each help to give you greater control over your finances, making repayments easier to keep up with and less need to take out additional loans. In turn, this can boost your credit score over time, so long as you keep up with repayments.

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How can I get debt help?

Debt Consolidation Australia make the debt help process extremely simple:

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Debt Negotiation

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Applying for debt help has no impact on your credit history

 there is absolutely no obligation. One of our team will be in touch with you within 24 hours. From here, we will take a look at your situation and determine whether we can help. If you qualify then you could receive debt help an be on the road to a positive financial future before you know it.