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Raising Teens to Be Thrifty

How do you spend quality time with your teenagers and actively take on your role as a parent while using fast loan wisely to meet your needs?

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Raising teenagers take a lot of work and, if you’re not careful you may end up spoiling them while draining all your savings or you may not be able to save at all. You may completely miss out on their lives and wake up one day to realize that they’re all grown up and that they don’t ‘need’ you anymore.

Why Our Teens Need Quality Time with Us

According to Erik Erickson’s Psychosocial Theory on personality development, ages 12 to 18 is the period when teenagers seek their own identity. They want to discover who they are, and feel a sense of belongingness. That’s why they look for friends, early relationships to establish their preferences. It is a crucial phase in their lives that makes them vulnerable to abuse, peer pressure, bullying and other forms of destructive events that can ruin their future.

Family bonding is important in teenagers’ lives because it serves as their buffer when things don’t go their way. How may teenage girls felt recluse because they don’t have clothes and shoes that other girls wear? Bullying is almost everywhere-whether it is done discreetly or openly. If our children are left to fend for themselves, just imagine how sad their teenage life will be. Our role as parents is to assure them that they are loved, that they are protected and accepted, and that they are worth our time.

Here are some ways to build our relationships with our teenage children without having to spend money:

Schedule Family Time

Having teens is hard. Due to their constant hormonal changes, it’s sometimes hard to understand them. But even with these changes, their longing for attention is permanent. They crave Tender, Love, and Care (TLC). When you have teens, everyone’s schedule should be looked at. Due to technology, sometimes, their attention is diverted from reality, which makes it a lot harder to initiate bonding time. Even with this, try to make “hang out time” regular. It could be every day, or once a week. Dinner time is what usually brings everyone together, but sometimes because of the busy schedules, the table is left unnoticed. Take dinner time as an opportunity for you to hang out together. Talk about anything.

Do Chores as a Family

Every weekend, schedule clean up time: cleaning bedrooms, watering the plants and mowing the lawn, checking the plumbing. Cleaning your home or caring for your yard is the responsibility of the whole family. Clean up time should also be taken as a chance to hang out together as a family. Clearing your schedules during weekends would help. Assigning chores to everyone will make everything easier. If your teens are hard to pursue, make a deadline. Sometimes, being under time pressure makes them strive to get the chore done.

Have Family Meetings

It might sound quite formal, but sometimes if you have really busy schedules; it’s the only time you could spend together. Meetings could be done over dinner time, when everyone is present. These are necessary; it’s the time for you to check up on each other. Fill each other up with details that you’ve missed. You could discuss future plans- vacations for Christmas and any other holyday, or planning out birthday parties. If you have a small family, it will make everything easier. But if you have a large one, you should make sure everyone has their schedule cleared when you call for a meeting.

Encourage Support

Support is what everyone needs. If you feel supported, it sparks up determination and perseverance. You feel adrenaline and are so pumped up to do something. Family support is very important. It builds such a strong bond between you and your children. Because they have the assurance that somebody has their back. They could rely on you-as their parent, as their friend. Encourage everyone every member of the family to learn about things that are important to the other person and to support each other through the rough times. Another way to spend time with your family is when celebrating good grades- it encourages the child to do better- same with getting low grades. They feel supported. Even if they did badly on the test, show them that you support them, and encourage them to do better the next time. After losing a soccer game, it isn’t bad to eat out. Tell the child that he has another chance to prove himself the next time. Sometimes words are what they need; and a little TLC of course.

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