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Why Is It Difficult to Save Money and How to Overcome Excuses?

There are plenty of excuses that come to our mind in regard when we try to save money. A few examples include: “Don’t know: where/how to save”, “I can’t right now”, “I don’t have enough money to save”, “The prices are too high” and so on.

Do you find yourself using at least one of these excuses? Then you should know that this is a mental barrier quite difficult to crack. If you are as tired of these excuses as we are, then please give our article a look and maybe we will find out together what it’s so difficult about the saving process.

Excuse no. 1 – I can’t save because of debts

There are a lot of people who have debts. Unless you do something about them, then they will continue to haunt you forever. This means higher interest rates, more penalties, piled up stress and so on. There is always a solution like second chance loans or debt consolidation with bad credit. You just have to buckle up, see what your expenses are and start to cut down.

Excuse no. 2 – I don’t know what to cut down

Perhaps your mind is in the right place but you don’t quite know what expenses should be eliminated. You are not the only one and you shouldn’t quit. You may think that there is nothing to be saved, but it’s really a question of analysing your priorities.

Start with baby steps. Cut down on unnecessary groceries, gas and entertainment expenses. After this, you can gradually increase the amounts saved.

Excuse no. 3 – I spend money fast

It’s a general rule of life that people who have more money spend more. They become lavish and start spending money on things they don’t really need. There are a lot of cases of lottery winners who went through all the money in a few years.

If you started making more money, you don’t have to change your lifestyle. Keep your moderate spending habits because if you lived like this before, then you can continue in doing so.

Excuse no. 4 – I don’t make enough to save

This is perhaps the most common excuse around. And for a good reason, what can you save when you don’t make much?

This should act as stimulation to stop complaining and start bettering your situation. You can always tighten the belt. Consider your real necessities and you will be surprised at what you don’t need in your life.

Also, if you can, look for a second job. It can be a great solution because if you manage to get by with one job, then the second salary can mostly be saved.

Excuse no. 5 – I can’t change

Maybe you are not used to saving. It’s okay, you can always start doing it. Changes happen throughout our lives, it’s only natural. If you will keep saying that you can’t save, then not even the best financial adviser will be able to help you.

Thus, take all these tips into consideration and remember: the change must happen first in you. The rest will follow.

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