Signs You Need to Quit your Job Despite Debts and Arrears

Do you want to quit your job but your debts, arrears and limited income are stopping you? Here are signs that you need to change career and tips on how to do it right.

You think your boss will sack you anytime

If you think you are no longer needed, or wanted, or your boss is rooting for someone else, you might as well prepare yourself for the next career move. Otherwise, you’ll be handed your last salary without having any back up plan.

We always get that gut feeling when we are to be replaced with someone else. Trust me, it hurts, but we just have to face the truth. When you are no longer wanted in your office, you start to feel strange. Your self-esteem may decrease, which will ultimately make you less productive.

It spoils your talent too. Anxiety limits not only our productivity but the confidence to do our job well. When you don’t put your talent and skills to use, you might forget about them… well not really, there’s just a chance that you’ll lose interest in it over time. If your fear of losing your job keeps you from giving your best, that’s the first sign that you should let go. Not only are you depriving the company of “what more” you can offer, but you also strip yourself of confidence.

You want to pursue your passion and make money from it

Why stay in a job that you’re not happy about when you can do what you love and get rich from it? A lot of people settle for low-income and boring full-time jobs that don’t require them to tap into their full potential just because they have debts to pay.

Ask yourself if your passion fills a need. Do you enjoy parties but you feel like something is missing? Find that need and if it is something that you’re interested in. Why don’t you start a business by filling that void? Perhaps you are good at organising events, you have an eye for detail and you notice small things like invitations, table centrepieces and decorations. If that’s the case, then it’s time to check out your competitors and come up with something that they don’t offer. Start a business that has the potential of changing the industry you’re in and present it in a unique way. Of course it won’t be easy, it will take up a lot of your time, but if you keep going, you’ll surely succeed.

You believe you can be better than your boss

Work life is truly difficult when you have a bad boss; take note that being ‘bad’ doesn’t simply mean he is rude to you, but maybe that he has terrible managerial skills. If you think you can be a better manager but you will never have the chance of being so while working for that company, then why not start your own? Learn from the mistakes of your previous boss and change for the better.

The company is about to close

Prepare yourself for the worst case scenario: you might lose your job without any benefits. A lot of companies exist simply because they keep it afloat. But, always watch out for signs of downsizing – because you might be the next one to be fired.

Are there management changes? What about the reorganisation of the company? It’s one thing for a company to restructure to facilitate growth and another to make some changes so that it will not collapse. Don’t stay in a sinking ship when you still have time to look for a new job, or to start your own business. If there are rumors that another department is closing why not, start sending your resumes to good companies that are most likely to accept you? This way, you wouldn’t have to leave your current job until you get accepted in your new position.

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