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6 Ways to Spend Loans Wisely for the Holidays

It’s the time of the year again for fairy lights, Christmas carols, family get-togethers, stash of sweets, and the new year of 2019! It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here are tips on how to spend the proceeds of your quick loans boldly for your Holiday plans without feeling guilty or worried.

Have a Christmas Budget

It will make you save a lot, especially when your only rely on quick loans and limited budget. If ever you’ve taken a loan for this event, maximize and use the money in the smartest ways possible so you won’t regret it when it’s time for you o start repaying the loan.

Budgeting is the basic rule for the holiday—the other rule, is to enjoy it the best way you can. This will; keep your pocket full not only with candies, but with some leftover money once New Year rolls in. That’s not a bad start, right?

Plan it out

Christmas is known to take up most of your savings and cash inside your pocket and wallet. Planning in advance for the things that you need during the holidays is best if you write them down in a planner or a journal so that you can keep track of the things that may cost you a lot and those that have minimal costs.

Calculate exactly how much you are willing and are prepared to spend for the holidays. Include the decorations, the food, the presents you’ll need to buy, and party favors if you’re having one. Not only will there be unnecessary expenses, but some unexpected things might just pop out of nowhere. Discounts and Sales on things that you might not even need are too tempting to reject– though you are quite convinced not to give in.  So, if you don’t want to end up buying them- always remember that it’s not wise to spend all of your good money on things which you don’t really need. It’s true that sticking to your budget might not really be that easy, but it’s the best way to spend less and save more.

Choose cheaper yet sensible gifts

If you want to have an excuse for spending less on the holidays, talk to your family about minimizing the costs of the gifts that each one will be giving each other.  You could use the excess for the food and other things that you might need on Christmas Day. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. No matter how cheap or expensive the present may be, the essence of Christmas should be felt: thoughtfulness. You could even use the smallest tinge of creativity you have in you.

If you aren’t able to rack your head for some ideas, you might want to look up on the internet.  You could come across some Do It Yourself ideas to save more on your gifts.

Take advantage of holiday price cuts

Sales and Discounts are bound to break out during December or any other month with a holiday, really. Taking advantage of these chances can make you get things for a cheaper price. Some items will not just cost you less, but will also give you the opportunity to buy more, like the Buy-1, Take 1 promo.

If you’re planning ahead of the holidays and saw some decorations on sale, buy them. But, be sure to store them in a place where you could easily spot them so that when the Holidays come, you wouldn’t have a hard time finding and setting them up. Write down the things you’ve bought on a list to determine if there are important things left for you to buy by the time Christmas rolls around- this may include food and gifts.

Check your utility bills

Instead of spending a lot of money on your utility bills- the heater- when the winter season comes, wear thick clothing when it’s not too cold. We all know that winter is- well, winter. It’s cold and the temperature might drop but 10 degrees every passing minute- which may cause us to raise the heater’s temperature and leave it on for 24 hours. You can also set the timer so it goes off whenever you’re not home.

Now, wearing thick clothing doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go out and buy the thickest clothes that you might lay your eyes on-never mind the price. The thrift shop should provide you with thick enough wooly clothing and blankets that will give you and your family warmth for the season.

The same thing goes for the snow plow that might cost you so much on the gasoline. Using shovels -getting your kids and other relatives who are over to help remove the snow from the doorstep- will cost you no money. This might even be your leisure activity for the day- giving you time to hang out and talk with each other.

Re-use old decors

Some Christmas decors just need some dusting. So, instead of buying new ones look for decors that you can still use. Just add a little creativity and you’ll have a stunning sight. Upon using all the decorations this Christmas, you might just want to store them in the same place that you have kept them in so that you could re-use them the next Christmas- decreasing your expenses by a ton already.

Are you planning to apply for quick loans to prepare for the holidays? Make an enquiry today and we’ll walk you through the easy application process.

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